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Transfer Time Of Ceramic Slip Cut By A Staggering Two-Thirds

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Date: May 2016

Atlantic Representative: Ed Smith

Company: Furlong Mills Ltd

Clients Name: Richie Podmore Address: Furlong Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 3LE

Tel: 01782 838 428


reducing submersible pump downtime guide



Established in 1842, Furlong Mills Ltd has become one the UK’s leading mineral processing companies. Sustained through a continuous investment programme in people, plant and machinery the company is able to meet the current and future demands of the ceramic industry.

The Stoke-on-Trent based company recently contacted Atlantic Pumps to replace a progressive cavity pump with a gland packing seal. The pump was taking 45 minutes to transfer the ceramic slip to the top of the building and required regular maintenance.

Atlantic Pumps were certain that they could quickly assist the client, greatly reduce the transfer time and in turn, save the company money.

pump part


Following a site visit, Furlong Mills received a rapid quote for a new SlurryPro 2 x 1.5 pump with suited wear parts to handle the material. The horizontal centrifugal slurry pump is industry proven and designed for highly abrasive applications such as ceramic slip. Atlantic Pumps large stock of SlurryPro pumps and parts meant that the pump could be quickly supplied to the client.


Following a quick and successful installation of the SlurryPro 2 x 1.5 pump and wear parts, Furlong Mills have since noted a number of results.

  • The transfer time of ceramic slip to the top of the building has been cut by a staggering two-thirds.
  • There is no longer leakage or wastage from the pump seal.
  • The work place is also much tidier.

A recent follow-up visit to the Stoke-on-Trent site found that, as expected, the SlurryPro 2 x 1.5 pump and wear parts continue to perform to the expected standard.

Impressed with the pumps performance, Furlong Mills went on to order a second pump from Atlantic Pumps.


Tel: 0800 118 2500




reducing submersible pump downtime guide