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SlurryPro Delivers Time And Time Again For Tarmac Site

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SlurryPro originated from a firm belief that your slurry pump experience could and should be better.

In response to industry feedback and frustration with service and response times, SlurryPro introduced a customer-centric focus and revolutionised the end-user experience.

reducing submersible pump downtime guide

Tarmac Shawell are just one of many customers who have benefitted from SlurryPro. Here we look at three examples where SlurryPro pumps have been installed on the Leicestershire site and why you should choose SlurryPro as your slurry pump manufacturer of choice.

Our first contact with Tarmac Shawell came in 2017 when we were informed that one of two 8” centrifugal pumps had ceased working at the site. Replacement parts for this particular pump were only available on long lead times and therefore to ensure production could continue, the site hired a pump while a new pump was procured. A direct replacement pump was available on a 16 week lead time and the site were faced with paying for a new pump and hire bill or moving to a new pumping solution.

Following a site visit we were able to specify and build a SlurryPro 8” pump and have it on site within three weeks. This significantly reduced Shawell’s hire bill and gave them a pump which had spares readily available.

To avoid this situation on the second 8”, we agreed with the site to proactively service the second pump to avoid having to purchase a complete pump again. When we came to fit the parts however, our team found that the pump wasn’t worth being refurbished.

The site was faced with two options; either a 15 week lead time for a replacement pump and a large hire bill or find a manufacturer who could supply a replacement pump quickly and with readily available spares. Following the success of the first pump the site was keen to standardise the range and opted for another new SlurryPro 8x6.

Our rapid response saw a built up 8x6 SlurryPro installed and operational in under two weeks avoiding the need to hire a replacement.

More recently four 4x3 SlurryPro pumps have been installed on site after it was found that the sites existing pumps weren’t suitable for the job due to shafts and seals continually wearing out. Additionally, the site faced problems with lead times for replacement parts. Crisis point was reached in February 2019 when two of the pumps started to fail at the same time.

Atlantic were able to build up two 4x3 pumps with 18.5kW motors in a week to fit in with a maintenance day and avoid more costly downtime. We completed a total of four 4x3 pumps in two weeks on this project.

By choosing SlurryPro, Tarmac Shawell now benefits from pumps that have superior wear life, reduced lifetime costs and ease of ongoing maintenance.

Tarmac Shawell and others who have chosen SlurryPro also benefit from the fastest quoting and delivery times in the industry thanks to parts being readily available, many with same day dispatch. Furthermore our clients are supported by an experienced team of staff and engineers who are able to provide rapid assistance

reducing submersible pump downtime guide