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Pump Proves Five Times Quicker Than Clients Previous Pump



Date: April 2016

Atlantic Representatives: Mark McCreadie and Ed Smith

Company: Tarmac

Clients Name: Jon Merchant

Address: Dockside Road, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, TS3 6AU

Tel: 0191 492 4487


reducing submersible pump downtime guide



Tarmac is the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions business. One of their concrete plants in Middlesbrough contacted Atlantic Pumps regarding their Varisco pump which had been experiencing problems pumping slurry to the batching plant for the previous 12 months and had been repaired twice during this time. A site visit by Atlantic Pumps found that the company were pumping 620kg of powder with 200 litres of water.

Varisco pumps are reliable industry proven pumps and Atlantic are proud to be a main supplier here in the United Kingdom however, with regard to Tarmac’s situation, a Varisco pump wasn’t suitable for the viscosity of the slurry being produced, thus a more suitable pump would be needed.

With the Varisco pump out of action, Tarmac were able to continue batching at a nearby site.


Atlantic Pumps supplied Tarmac with a built up SlurryPro 2 x 1.5 pump. This industry proven, horizontal centrifugal slurry pump is designed for highly abrasive applications such as cement slurry. The pump was the correct size for the pressure and it features heavy-duty wear parts and an expeller seal.

One of our key considerations when proposing any solution is lifetime cost. Over the lifetime of this pump, calculations show that the built-up SlurryPro will save the client £6780 over three years. Build took a week and there were no problems obtaining parts with Atlantic’s large warehouse carrying a wide stock of SlurryPro pumps and parts. This minimised downtime, something we take very seriously.


It is now two months since our site visit and we can report that Tarmac are satisfied with the installed built-up SlurryPro. The most noticeable difference our client has seen is that the new pump is five times quicker than the Varisco therefore reducing the time it takes to mix concrete. Future benefits will include less downtime and a decrease in repairs and maintenance.


Tel: 0800 118 2500




reducing submersible pump downtime guide