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Nine SlurryPro Pumps Installed At Spanish FlourSpar Mine


Date: Nov – Dec 2016

Atlantic Representatives: Ryan Hall and Mark Attride

Company Name: Minera de Orgiva

Contact Details: For Cramix: Unai Amarika Santos. Address: Pol. Ugaldeguren 1, Parc. P4-III, 48160 Derio (Vizcaya), Spain. Tel: 34 94 4544212

For Minera de Orgiva: Jorge Peñagarikano. Address: Paseo Landabarri 4 esc 2 4º, 48940 Leioa, Spain. Tel: +34 94 400 88 68

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Minera de Órgiva is the current operator of the mining concession "Lújar No. 30,411" located in the town of Orgiva, Granada. It extracts fluorite (trade name fluorspar), which is considered a priority raw material mineral according to the Royal Decree 647/2002. Minera de Órgiva are an existing client of Atlantic Pumps and contacted us regarding the availability of nine slurry pumps. Quick delivery and price were key for the operator who had also contacted two other companies with regards to supplying the pumps. Atlantic Pumps put Minera de Órgiva in touch with our European partners, Cramix. The Spanish-based distributor then worked with Minera de Órgiva to ascertain the clients exact requirements before relaying this information back to us here in the UK with it being decided that the operator would be best served by nine SlurryPro 2 x 1.5” pumps.


Features of the SlurryPro 2x1.5 - a horizontal centrifugal pump designed for highly abrasive applications

  • A ‘run cool’ bearing house for longer bearing lubrication life
  • An oversized bearing support, bearing cartridge and front and rear volute casings in high quality cast and ductile iron
  • A sealing system is available with a choice of standard packed gland arrangement, expeller seal or a drop in cartridge mechanical seal designed for the pump
  • Unique ultra wear resistant liners and impellers – choice of white iron alloy wear parts for extreme wear resistance or UEC (Unique Elastromeric Compound) rubber-like liner and impellers for improved life when compared to standard rubber offerings
  • The pump can also be adapted to suit many applications and installations

Our large onsite stocks meant that the pumps were available for immediate dispatch. This availability coupled with our rapid delivery time once again set us apart from our rivals with Minera de Órgiva choosing to place their order with Atlantic Pumps.

The operator took delivery of the nine SlurryPro 2 x 1.5” pumps within a couple of days - a time which other suppliers couldn’t get near.

Installation of the pumps was undertaken by engineers at Minera de Órgiva and at the time of writing there have been no problems with any of the nine pumps.

Cramix are one of several companies to have signed an agreement with Atlantic Pumps to distribute SlurryPro and Audex pumps along with Gromatex hosing in Europe. For details of your regional European distributor contact Atlantic Pumps on +44 (0)114 229 3144 or email 

reducing submersible pump downtime guide