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Major Ad Plant Incorporates LSM Pump

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Name: Granville Ecopark Ltd

Address: Granville Industrial Estate, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, BT70 1NJ

Tel: +44 (0)28 8703 2601


Date: August 2017


Based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, Granville Ecopark develops renewable energy by means of anaerobic digestion.

In August 2017 Atlantic Pumps’ Nathan Rowles met with Granville Ecopark. They had contacted Atlantic Pumps seeking advice on their pumping needs. The site was using screw pumps to move the digestate, and they were frequently having to replace screw pump parts, as these were being worn out by the abrasive fluid. This in turn caused downtime for the site.

Screw pumps offer high pressure, low flow and the ability to handle solids; the parts however need replacing regularly. Maintenance in this particular case was made difficult through the positioning of these parts.

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As a solution, Nathan proposed an LSM-100 – a 4” peristaltic pump.

LSM is our preferred peristaltic pump supplier and was ideal for this situation – there being no contact between the contaminated material and moving parts. Due to increased efficiency, the pump absorbs less power, and less maintenance is required.

Suitable for the pumping of thick fluids, the LSM-100 can manage everything from sludge, glue, acids, concrete, and food in large quantities. The pump has a large pump case as opposed to similar pumps on the market meaning the hose is longer and therefore able to perform more per revolution.

The LSM-100 moves the same volume as other pumps, but at a lower speed, resulting in a longer lifespan of the gear and hose.

The LSM-100 pump was installed in September 2017.

Fast forward to the spring of 2018 and Granville Ecopark have experienced much better wear-life and simpler maintenance with their peristaltic pump. Happy with the solution provided by Atlantic Pumps and the performance of the pump, they have committed to order a second LSM-100 from us.