Case Studies

LSM Peristaltic Pump Proves Successful for Brick Factory

Ibstock Chailey is a brick factory in the South East of England and part of the Ibstock group.

The site had been trying to pump Barium Carbonate and were looking to achieve a low flow rate of between 1.5 to 3.9 litres per minute - the flow rate required to accurately dose the correct amount of product into the process.

Before Atlantic’s involvement, Ibstock Chailey had tried several different peristaltic pumps all of which were found to be unsuitable for the application.

We know that there is no such approach as ‘one size fits all’ and that no two sites are the same. We therefore worked closely with the sites Technical Manager Nathan Johnson to ascertain the site’s exact requirements and any potential issues.

While previous peristaltic pumps had used shoes to compress the hose/tube and push the material through the pump, LSM pumps differ in that it instead uses rollers attached to the pump’s rotor.

Rollers provide less resistance on the hose, longer wear life, lower energy consumption, and allow for shear sensitive materials to be pumped without damage.

Our discussions led to the view that a Peristaltic pump built up from the LSM 15 model would be best for pumping a heavy medium such as Barium Carbonate at the needed flow rate.  This pump is ideal for heavy-duty applications, whilst giving the controlled dosing rate required.

Atlantic Pumps are the official UK distributor for LSM Pumps. The pumps are known for their low energy consumption, low and easy maintenance, and their exceptional build quality. They are self-priming, high pressure pumps, can run dry and can also pass large objects.

LSM pumps can be found in a wealth of industries including food, mining, chemical, fishing and agriculture. They are also used on and offshore, in biogas and in the production of concrete and paint.

The LSM 15 was dispatched to site on a trial basis, however, so impressed was Mr. Johnstone and his colleagues by the performance of the LSM 15 pump, that the trial was cancelled after just one day and the pump purchased.

Several months later, the pump continues to operate without issue and Mr. Johnson is happy with the performance of the LSM pump.