Case Studies

LSM Peristaltic Pump Proves Ideal For Handling Thickener Underflow

work site

During 2019 we were contacted by a Quarry Manager who informed us that his site was experiencing a constant leakage of sludge and slurry from the seal of their slurry pump which they were using to pump thickener underflow.

The leakage was causing not just unpleasant working conditions but posed health and safety issues for the site and its’ employees. Furthermore, the site would experience regular downtime while the sludge and slurry were cleared.

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Fast forward two months and the site have overcome the issue thanks to the installation of an LSM-100.

Atlantic Pumps are the official UK distributor for LSM Pumps who are a key player in the peristaltic pumps market. LSM pumps are used globally and are known for their low energy consumption, low and easy maintenance and their exceptional build quality.

man with pump

An LSM pump is ideal for this client. The pump is seal-less meaning there is no chance of leakage. In addition, the pump provides a clean operation, meaning no downtime for the site and a far easier, safer and cleaner working environment for employees.

“The customer has made a wise investment, which has improved the overall operation of his silt system” says Atlantic Pumps’ employee, Mark McCreadie who worked with the client to overcome their problem. “Although the unit may cost more initially, the customer recognises they will have a greatly reduced ongoing maintenance, much easier maintenance and also reduced health and safety risk as silt will no longer spill over the yard.”