Case Studies

Long-Lasting Audex Aw Pump Radically Transforms Conveyor Pit Cleaning For Tarmac Site

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Cleaning out the materials that have spilt into the conveyor pit is an issue faced by ready-mix sites globally. It is an essential but often awkward task that involves downtime, out-of-hours working and lost production plus potential health and safety issues.

Tarmac Northampton addressed this problem with Atlantic Pumps in 2017 in a very successful way.

Rather than shoveling out the bottom of the pit, the site introduced a high pressure hose and an Audex AW 3-400 submersible pump (pictured). A single operator added water to the collected sand spillages and the AW pump disposed of the sand-laden water with ease.

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The introduction of this method removed the need for any shoveling and cut the time to complete the task by half, resulting in a clean and tidy conveyor pit and a more productive plant.

Audex AW submersible dewatering pumps are predominantly used as contractor pumps for site drainage duties. A chromium-iron solids handling impeller is fitted as standard and offers excellent wear resistance on applications where the water contains sand and silt in suspension, thus maintaining performance and reliability. The pumps also have a cast-iron agitator for smoother pumping of solid-laden fluids.

Audex AW 3-400 submersible pumps, like all Audex pumps, are renowned for offering exceptional service life with minimum running costs and repairs. Tarmac Northampton’s pump is no exception. Despite being used several times a week, the pump has now been operational and maintenance free for over two years.