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Lime Quarry Reaps Benefits From Installed SlurryPro 2x1.5

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Singleton Birch Ltd is an independent lime supplier in Barnetby, North Lincolnshire. In November 2017, the sites’ Maintenance Engineer Stuart Howden contacted us after a progressive cavity pump - which they had been using to recirculate lime slurry - kept failing.

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The repeated failure of the pump was costing the site considerable money in terms of downtime, repair costs and waiting time for drivers. Furthermore, spare parts often carried a long lead time. These factors had led Mr. Howden to look for an alternate pump, which is when he contacted Atlantic Pumps.

As we found on our site visit, the progressive cavity pump was unsuitable for the application. We therefore suggested a SlurryPro 2x1.5 be installed.

Designed for highly abrasive applications, the SlurryPro 2x1.5 is a centrifugal slurry pump, featuring a standard expeller, heavy duty SKF bearing, rubber impeller and rubber liners.

“We came across Atlantic Pumps and they came straight out to site and assessed the process” said Mr. Howden. “They have a SlurryPro pump which was suggested and this was fitted. I can safely say the SlurryPro pump has been fitted now for months and has not had any issues.”

Mr. Howden and Singleton Birch have more recently gone on to order another rubber lined SlurryPro 2x1.5 for a similar application, again replacing a cavity pump. Unfortunately this was installed incorrectly by site engineers who had damaged the bearings. Mr. Howden contacted us regarding the issue at 7.15am the following morning and was impressed to find us already open and on hand, ready to assist. Our Sales team quickly dispatched an engineer to Singleton Birch. The engineer was onsite within a couple of hours, had rectified the problem and made the pump operational.

“The team at Atlantic pumps have helped with a couple of different issues now and have proven to be very reliable, quick reacting and very knowledgeable” said Mr. Howden