Case Studies

High-Flow Process Water Pumping for MEP Wash-Plant Feed

Atlantic Pumps supplied the wash plant feed process water pump for the latest MEP sand and gravel plant at the new Cemex-owned Pyford Brook Quarry.

Working alongside Quarry Manufacturing and Supplies (QMS), the requirement was for a large water process pump and piping to feed the MEP-built sand and gravel wash plant.

Following a lengthy planning process, the construction of Pyford Brook quarry’s plant was finally able to start just six months before Cemex opened the facilities in the summer of 2023.

Central to Pyford Brook’s mineral processing system is MEP’s specialist Hydrolig, a classifier capable of separating fines and aggregate up to 40mm. This specially adapted hydrosizer relies on a constant supply of water at a constant pressure to form a stable, upward current in its’ teeter column.

Atlantic Pumps’ involvement was to engineer a water feed that delivered the required flow reliably and efficiently, avoiding wasted energy and downtime.

The process water feed system made by Atlantic Pumps consists of a 45kW direct drive 12x10” (300x250mm) suction lift centrifugal water pump. It takes supply water from a strainer mounted on a floating Audex pontoon rig, where a non-return valve removes the need for repeated priming. The 12” non-return valve assembly weighed over 200kg alone, so the pontoon had to be engineered to comfortably support this and the heavy-duty suction pipework.

QMS demonstrated exceptional planning and execution to deliver this project in a very tight schedule. Jonathan Beck, Managing Director of QMS said “The Pyford Brook plant has been built to produce sand and gravel at a relatively high production rate of 250tph.

“As the quarry is brand new, and six months ago physically did not even exist, this meant that we had limited time to get the plant design right from the off, incorporating not only our equipment, but also the specialist MEP Hydrolig process.

“Our processing equipment had to not only be able to meet Cemex’s production targets, but also consistently produce the sizes required to make the quarry a profitable ongoing concern."

Achieving planning permission for this new quarry was a considerable feat in itself, made possible by Cemex’s achievements in their environmental, social, and governance work and reputation for responsible quarrying and environmentally sound life-cycle management. The planning application was submitted in 2020, with the additional cost of delay being typical of the challenges the UK aggregate and construction industries face.

Now that this new aggregate processing and cement plant is running smoothly, the local area stands to benefit from on-time, on-budget deliveries of this essential building material. Being able to quarry, process and produce cement in such an efficient, modern site will reduce the haulage costs and further reduce Cemex’s carbon footprint.

The primary construction materials industry is a good example of what can be achieved through collaborating on sustainable infrastructure projects. Atlantic Pumps are honoured to continue our work with innovative leaders such as Cemex, QMS and MEP in effective quarrying and construction material production.

Committed to the best after-sales support and response times in the industry, Cemex Pyford Brook and their key suppliers can rely on Atlantic Pumps for same day dispatch of spare parts plus onsite pump servicing and water management engineering whenever needed.