Case Studies


Justin Johnson

General Information

Contact: Justin Johnson Role:

District: Operations Manager

Company: Hanson Concrete

Site: Miles Platting (Manchester)

Product: Audex AS Series 3 inch – 5.5kW

Audex® submersible pumps have been developed for use in the toughest and most abrasive applications and environments. Specifically, they are in use by many of the world’s largest aggregates and recycling companies, in the heaviest of industrial applications.

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Justin Johnson, District Operations Manager for the Manchester area, rings Atlantic Pumps’ sales team with an urgent enquiry. The submersible used to drain the recycled water tank has failed, leaving the tank in danger of overflowing. This would damage the plant, breach the conditions of the environmental permit and cause costly downtime. Our technical team works on specifying the right pump for the application, working remotely and on limited information, as details could not be taken from the existing pump.

12:40 The sales team coordinates with Justin for clarification on some essential points and gives him a variety of delivery options.

13:07 Most suitable product finalised and quotation prepared. Coordination with the Operations Department to find a delivery slot for the urgent consignment. Delivery driver and vehicle made available in preparation for a same day delivery. Justin is contacted with quotation and delivery details.

13:56 Order confirmed by Justin. Operations work on preparing the pump for despatch.

14:12 Van leaves Atlantic Pumps in Sheffield for Hanson Concrete Miles Platting.

15:40... Pump arrives at site. By now the tank is rapidly filling and just under a foot off overflowing.

16:15... Pump is installed by the team at Miles Platting, fully operational and crisis over – 4 hours from initial enquiry!

Cover: Barry, a fitter/electrician for Hanson.

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