Case Studies

Atlantic Install Transfer Station at Tarmac Crown Farm

The spring of 2021 saw Atlantic Pumps engineers install a Sand Transfer Station at Tarmac Crown Farm in Northwich, Cheshire.

Tarmac Crown Farm Stockpiler

The Transfer Station is sited between the site’s new dredger and their existing sand plant. The primary function of the transfer station is to remove any oversized material from the sand, prior to it being pumped into the sand plant.

Tarmac Crown Farm Hewitt Robins screen


Construction of the Transfer Station at the sand quarry was carried out without issue with Atlantic spending minimal time on site due to it being delivered in preassembled sections.

The project saw Atlantic engineers install a large sand hopper and support structure, a SlurryPro 10x8 slurry pump, a Hewitt Robins screen and a stockpiler measuring 15 metres in length. 

The project also included 300m of 10” pipework to connect the transfer station to the dredger and sand plant.

Tarmac Crown Farm generator


A control cabin was also added along with a generator which was supplied by Tarmac.

Tarmac Crown Farm's Sand Transfer Station was another success for Atlantic Pumps. Atlantic understand that every site is unique and seek to have an in-depth understanding of specific needs. We listen and work closely with our clients to ensure we deliver - bringing sound, sensible solutions to their needs.

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Tarmac Crown Farm Transfer Station