Case Studies

Aggregate Industries’ Key Site Benefits From Atlantic Pumps’ Rapid Assistance


Glensanda is the flagship site of construction materials producer and supplier Aggregate Industries, and the largest granite quarry in Europe, exporting to markets all across Northern Europe. It has an annual production capacity in excess of 9 million tonnes and a massive 760 million tonnes reserve of granite.

In the early afternoon of Thursday 19th July 2018 we received a call from Duncan Black, Stores Manager at Glensanda reporting that an impeller on one of the pumps used for pumping sharp granite sand had failed and needed to be replaced.

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Mr Black informed us that he had received a quote from one company already and that they had quoted him a lead time of three weeks.

Whether it’s enquiries or deliveries, questions or queries, the founding principle of Atlantic Pumps is to respond to customers’ needs as quickly as practically possible.

Having sourced an impeller, Atlantic Pumps’ Sales Coordinator Deryck Harmer then contacted Mr Black with the quote which was accepted. An overnight courier then transported the impeller to Scotland where it was loaded onto the ship and sent to Glensanda.

Atlantic Pumps make every effort to minimise downtime on customers’ sites. In this particular case, the replacement impeller was received by Mr Black just over 24 hours after he had made his initial phone call to us.

A delighted Mr Black has since confirmed to us that the new impeller had been successfully installed and that he would be in touch with similar requests in future.

Talking about the immediate assistance provided to Mr Black and Glensanda, Deryck Harmer said “We were very pleased to be able to get such a significant UK quarry back running again so quickly with minimum downtime. It goes to prove that the industry needs suppliers who can react immediately to their requirements.”