What to do to Minimise your Pumps Freezing this Winter

snowed under quarry

Ensure your pumps are ready for the harsh winter weather and avoid costly downtime by following these six simple tips.

  • Empty all pipelines of water if possible.

  • If possible drain the pump out using the drain plug should the pump have one.

  • Insulate your pumps; wrap them in lagging or insulation.

  • If possible, situate the pumps inside an enclosure or pump room.

  • If your pumps are inside an enclosure or room, install a heater.

  • For air powered pumps, ensure the air exhaust pipe discharges into a warm environment.

With winter fast approaching, now is an ideal time to service your pumps. Here at Atlantic Pumps we don’t tie our clients into expensive service contracts, we believe in working with them to achieve best value for money. You can find out more about our Servicing Division.


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