The Benefits of a Correctly Specified Pump

When purchasing a pump for an abrasive application are you ever tempted to decide on a cheaper, slightly less adequate option? 

Due to the fact that the initial investment in a pump is only around 10% of the total ownership cost, a very small difference in performance/reliability of the pump will quickly lead to a ‘cheaper’ pump costing a lot more.


reducing submersible pump downtime guide download


The main benefits of a correctly specified pump against a badly specified one are: 

  • They last longer, giving a better return on investment
  • They are more efficient, costing less in energy required to run them (energy costs account for up to 70% of the total cost of ownership!)
  • They cause less downtime, as they don’t have unplanned breakdowns as often. This leads to: less expenditure on spare parts overall, less cash tied up in spare parts to act as a buffer for unexpected breakdowns and less manpower (and all associated costs) for emergency repairs
  • A more reliable production process
  • Ease of mind for our customers! Giving you the possibility to concentrate on other aspects of your operations

Pumps designed for abrasive applications typically found in the quarrying and recycling industries, have more tolerance of suspended solids than water pumps and often incorporate replaceable rubber liners. These pumps will prove a good investment despite the higher initial purchase price. 

The above points also highlight the need for an accurate selection process and program, such as the Intrax Specifier Tool. 

This advanced selection program not only allows us to tailor Intrax pumps to each individual application, but it also allows us to respond to your needs more rapidly! 

Why not put our technical team and the Intrax Specifier Tool to the test? Call us today on 0808 196 4597 or get in touch by filling out our enquiry form.  


Below: The Intrax Specifier Tool

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reducing submersible pump downtime guide download


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