Regular Maintenance Checks to be undertaken on a SlurryPro Pump

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To avoid expensive downtime and ensure the safety of employees, it is vital that you carry out regular maintenance checks on your centrifugal slurry pumps. Here we look at several key checks that should be carried out on your SlurryPro pumps and how often these should be undertaken.


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1. Gland maintenance/adjustment and greasing should be undertaken on a day-to-day basis. This is important in order to ensure that the bearing cartridge seals are not being compromised. A leaking gland will soon cause a buildup of silt which can find its way into the bearings if not correctly maintained.

One of the most common reasons for pump failure is due to lack of regular lubrication. To ensure regular greasing of your centrifugal pump, SlurryPro recently launched their new Automatic Lubricator which can be retro-fitted to all centrifugal pumps. Once fitted, this ensures consistent reliable lubrication of the bearings and seals for maximum service life.

2. Mounting points and fixings should be checked monthly. A cracked mounting or loose fixings can cause excessive vibration and will damage the pump and other areas of the plant if not dealt with.

3. Belts and pulleys should also be checked monthly. Worn out belts and pulleys will affect the performance of the pump.

4. If you can monitor the running current of your SlurryPro pump this acts as a good early warning for wear. A change in running current can be a sign that the wet end is wearing out or there are issues with the bearings.

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