The Best Way To Manage Water Use In Quarries And Keep Your Costs Down

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When it comes to fluid management and fluid movement in construction materials, it may be difficult to know what the most effective approach is. However, there is a great solution available that performs well and is sustainable too. Envirohub from Atlantic Pumps is exactly what you should have in place to monitor water use in quarries, as well as take the appropriate action to address any issues.


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Atlantic Pumps’ Envirohub system is a complete solution for the management of water around the quarry, including water abstraction and the use of water. It’s a great system for when you reach the dewatering the quarry phase. This is a vital step so that minerals can be extracted in a way that is both safe and cost-effective.

From here, the water can be used for washing aggregates - removing impurities from material that has already been mined. After this point, you’ll be left with dirty water that is ready to be used or recycled. It might be necessary to treat the water to remove dirt before it can be recycled. The Envirohub system also deals with managing water discharge, removing dirt and sediment from excess quarry water before it enters into surrounding bodies of water. Added to that, the system can also be used for boreholes on site, which allow quarries to make use of clean water for purposes such as dust suppression. It really is a complete system for monitoring water in the quarry.

The Envirohub system from Atlantic Pumps has two core purposes. The EnviroHub water treatment tanks are a solution for dealing with waste water, either stand-alone or as part of a monitored system. Secondly, the Envirohub system is designed to continuously monitor and record the quality of the water, and rapidly intervene if required. For example, the system can resolve issues such as the pH level being too high or excess amounts of dirt or sediment in the water. This enables you to keep within your environmental permits at all times.

Another great advantage of using this system from Atlantic Pumps is our commitment to sustainability. We are fully committed to taking a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to the work we do. We have made efforts to reduce the energy wastage from pumps, and we can now reduce energy use on the average site by 20%. Envirohub is a great quality, sustainable solution for water management in the quarry – get in touch with us today for further details.

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