man at desk working

Atlantic Pumps have recently introduced a revolutionary internal learning platform that’s helping shape our staff, our culture and the way we work with clients.

The Intrax Academy is not just a site for learning but a backup reference tool for staff to use 24/7, wherever they may be.

 The Academy comprises of seven categories: Culture, Work Skills, Sales, Industry, Products, Applications and Technical Training, with each category featuring a series of in-depth modules.

 To complete a module, after reviewing the content, the user undertakes a task, answers a series of questions or meets with a senior member of staff to discuss aspects of the material. Staff receive a certificate upon completion of a module and the material can be accessed by the user indefinitely. 

"I'm very pleased with the positive attitude this has been taken on with" said Atlantic Pumps' Managing Director Andy Smith. "I feel it demonstrates the commitment the whole team have to continuously improving our offer to customers."  

Mechanical and Electrical Engineer Joseph Ball (pictured) joined us in June and is currently leading the way amongst staff with ten modules completed. He has found the Academy extremely beneficial. 

"The Intrax Academy gives me the knowledge needed in order to complete both my day-to-day tasks as well as the jobs which come up less often - keeping the information fresh. “All in all, it is a great tool to receive feedback of performance and continuously learn, every day.”