Avoid costly downtime for your slurry pumps with this handy four-step guide.

Routine servicing of your submersible slurry pumps is essential, and a key factor in avoiding periods of expensive downtime. In 2015, we launched our own Pump Servicing Division with the guarantee that we won’t tie our clients into expensive service contracts; click to find out more about our popular servicing for slurry pumps.

Of course, you may wish to carry out a service yourself. Servicing is a relatively straight-forward process with only a few stages which we’ve listed in order below:

  1. Disconnect or isolate your submersible slurry pump(s) from the power supply and remove it from the fluid.
  1. Check the resistance of the motor windings. They should all give the same reading. Also check that none of them are down to earth.
  1. Take a small sample of the oil for the seal chamber. Providing it is in good condition you’d leave it in. However, if it contains traces of moisture which you can tell by the oil being white and milky, you know that’s a sign that your seals are failing and you need to replace them.
  1. You’d also remove the strainer and check the clearance between the impeller and the diffuser. You want to keep this tolerance as small as possible to keep efficiency up.

For further information on the maintenance of submersible slurry pumps, our Pump Servicing Division or for all other enquiries including those relating to replacement slurry pump parts, contact us on 0114 229 3144. Alternatively you can email us at or complete the Enquiry Form to the left of this article.