Atlantic Pumps as Prime Minister

Downing Street Sign


If the Queen had asked Atlantic Pumps to be Prime Minister, our plan would be:

Keep Abrasive Fluids Moving

There’s too much friction in the world today. Atlantic Pumps have the proven experience of keeping challenging fluids in motion, creating joined-up systems that enable primary industry and infrastructure to thrive.

Innovation, Simplicity, Decency & Interest.

This is true Atlanticism at its best.

Environmental Targets

With unprecedented investment in innovation, our flagship EnviroHub system is already at work in quarries, concrete plants and heavy manufacturing sites across the UK and abroad.

By monitoring and cleaning site discharge water, we are safeguarding our vital rivers from pollution and conserving precious water resources for other uses.

We’ve reduced energy use by an average of 20% on quarry sites time and again but we won’t rest at that. Efficiency and lifetime cost is at the heart of all our design and engineering work, making pumps that last whilst widening the gap between expenditure and outcomes.

Slashing the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions by focusing on highly effective electrically-driven modern tech, we are committed to the goal of net-zero.

If Atlantic Pumps were to be Prime Minister, we’d have beavers in every river – we stand in awe of their water system management and engineering skills. These once prevalent natives are building new homes across a number of sites including disused quarries and cleaned up rivers.

Cut Waiting Lists

Its frankly wrong that site managers should be hampered by lack of spare parts and service engineers.

A range of initiatives to reduce the risk of system failure, including quality equipment and a world-class service to drastically reduce downtime, we have the resources to meet your site water management emergencies.

We understand the pressure you’re under, and are proud of our dedicated team who work so hard to relieve your water management and processing costs.

People, Jobs and Local Communities

From Europe’s largest quarry exporting granite with zero road haulage, to dozens of family-run local aggregate processors, municipal council waste recycling and anaerobic plants, to large-scale demolition and construction sites, our pumps are an essential part of what goes into modern daily living for millions of citizens.

With an ongoing scheme training the next generation of engineers, and continued onboarding of new internal team members, you can be confident Atlantic are here for your long-term needs.

The UK has a long and proud mining and quarrying history which, following decades of neglect in national planning policy needs to be revived to serve the needs of today and tomorrow. Atlantic will fight to have this imbalance and lack of foresight addressed by recommending the release of necessary quarry sites to meet the need for new homes from locally sourced material.

Completed quarries are ideal for recreation and wildlife havens, are responsible for thousands of rewarding jobs during their lifetime and essential for the nation’s growth and security. Atlantic fully support new projects such as Whitby’s deep potash mine which is bringing natural fertiliser to the world, Cornish Lithium who are rising to the growing challenge of electricity battery-storage needs….we have a bright future if we grasp this moment.