Atlantic Design Engineer Attends Key London Industry Course

Bobby Brailsford (MEng AMIMechE) is part of our Research and Development team here at Atlantic Pumps. Last week, the Design Engineer attended a 3-day course in London titled 'Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T): BS8888 and ISO.'

In an age where products are expected to be designed, manufactured and assembled by multi-functional teams working together across multiple continents the application of GD&T in ensuring product quality has never been more relevant. Here, Bobby talks about the course.

"Over the past few days, I have undertaken the ‘Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T): BS8888 and ISO’ course governed by Institution of Mechanical Engineers and taught by Eur.Ing. Dave Masson. I was also lucky enough to grab Peter Flinn, IMechE’s 136th president, for a photograph!

"As a kid, I would always pester my grandad with how things are made and manufactured to such fine details, whether that be a clock, plane or whatever else a 10-year-old is interested in at that age. He would always say to me, “It is just magic kid!” Well, I am now lucky enough to know that it isn’t magic but is instead hard work and careful consideration.

"Throughout my time in London, the course has enabled me as a buddying design engineer to understand the intricacies of engineering standards and their overarching effect within industry.

"I have learnt that design intent is everything and how to achieve functionality of design through location, orientation, form, and size. I now appreciate concepts such as theoretically exact dimensions, datums and geometrical tolerances and how to effectively apply them to achieve manufacturing success.

"Again, my appreciation goes out to Dave Masson for his extensive library of industry knowledge and again for his tremendous teaching methods.

"I am very grateful and motivated to apply my new knowledge to my work at Atlantic Pumps and continue to develop my personal development programme!