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What is EnviroHub and why is it essential for my site

EnviroHub is a control system used by the quarrying and construction industries to monitor, treat, and report on water quality onsite.

A site may accumulate water from the ground when digging, use water in the production process or to wash down equipment after use. As a result, there can be contaminants in the water which can cause problems on site and be harmful to the environment.

With sites now required to provide proof of safe water disposal and water quality checks routinely being carried out by the Environment Agency, a robust monitoring system such as EnviroHub plays a vital role.

In addition to monitoring and reporting water quality onsite, EnviroHub can inform the site if the water is unsafe to be disposed of and can automatically intervene. Furthermore, the relevant system ensures that any water the site is to dispose of is treated and is free from pollutants.

Disposing of water that contains pollutants can result in heavy fines and can damage a company’s reputation. Furthermore, incorrect disposal of water has resulted in solids or concrete silt blocking drains, chemicals killing off local wildlife and trees and costly environmental clean-ups needing to be undertaken.

How could I use EnviroHub?

EnviroHub monitors all types of water usage and disposal onsite including, but not limited to:

  • Site dewatering applications – the removal of excess water from quarries and construction sites. 
  • Lagoon, pond or excavation dewatering
  • Monitoring concrete washout water and correcting it
  • The monitoring of flow and solids used in a wash plant
  • Process plant effluent treatment
  • Sludge thickening and solidifying

What does EnviroHub do?

EnviroHub monitors, treats, and reports on water from when it first comes on to site until it is disposed of. The system can monitor a wealth of different aspects of the water, however the key water data that is normally required are details of the flow, turbidity, and pH levels.

pH - The acidity or alkalinity of water is measured using a figure known as pH. The ideal pH value of water is 7. Anything below this can be regarded as being acidic and might contain corrosive material while anything greater than 7 contains alkaline.

Flow - This is the volume of water that passes in a unit of time. This is usually measured in m3/h.

Turbidity - The cloudiness or haziness of the water. Turbidity is caused by a great many individual particles that are generally invisible to the eye. Natural water is regarded as having a low turbidity, sewage water for example, a high turbidity.  

What does EnviroHub treat?

Turbidity – slowing the flow of water down allows conditions for suspended solids to settle. This can be achieved in a several ways, depending on the type of settlement required. This separation provides cleaner water and a solids sludge.

pH monitoring – chemical imbalanced pH is corrected. This is achieved by holding contaminated water in a tank, gently agitating it and introducing the countering chemical until the pH is as close to neutral as necessary, which then allows for safe disposal.

Hydrocarbon Monitoring – hydrocarbons are carbons such as fuel oil which are in water.  These need to be removed so the water can be safely disposed of. This can be achieved in a number of ways such as by lifting and skimming floating carbons or settling heavier particles.

What will EnviroHub Report?

If reporting is required, the following information can be provided about your water quality:

  • A complete record of data readings for each aspect being monitored.
  • Alert and action and emails - Warnings will be sent to you when you are within 10% of your permitted limit on any aspect. This enables you to take the required action before it causes an issue. You will also be informed that a final action, such as, turning pumps off or on or closing valves has been implemented and that you are now safeguarded against becoming in breach of your consent.
  • Total peace of mind that whether you are on site or not, you are not in risk of being in breach of your environmental permits.

The data will give you an automatic log for the authorities proving you have been compliant.


RVT are the EnviroHub partner for the construction industry.


For further information on EnviroHub or to discuss the monitoring of water on your site, please contact Atlantic Pumps on 0808 501 5841 or email info@atlanticpumps.co.uk



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EnviroHub is a control system used by the quarrying and construction industries to monitor, treat, and report on water quality onsite.

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