Dirty water pumps - selection guide

When choosing between dirty water pumps, there are a number of key points to consider to ensure you get the best performance and trouble-free usage.

 Let’s begin with the key questions you’ll need to answer when deciding between dirty water pumps: 

  • What are the required Head and Flow Rates?
  • How far do you want to pump the water?
  • What sort of dirty water are you actually pumping? Is it cloudy, or does it contain heavy solids?
  • Is the pump likely to run dry? (This will vary depending on your application) 

Additionally, is the application suitable for submersible slurry pumps, or would a self-priming pump be a better option?

 Once you have these questions, use the image below to choose between the different dirty water pumps available:


dirty water pump guide


If you are in any way unsure of your selection then it is worth getting in touch with pump industry experts. They should be happy to talk you through the above process and give you assurance that you make the best, most cost-effective decision.

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