German SlurryPro Distribution Deal Agreed

SlurryPro Pumps

Atlantic Pumps are delighted to announce a partnership with German company SL Pumping Solutions for the distribution of SlurryPro pumps in Germany.

This major agreement sees the Atlantic brand available to German industry for the first time and furthers the global reach of SlurryPro, an established name in the slurry pump market.


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SL Pumping Solutions provides pumps, pumping solutions and spares to a range of industries throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The company was founded by Thomas Schäfer and Olaf Lüdke, who between them have many years of experience in the pumping industry in Germany and, like Atlantic, place great emphasis on reducing their client’s downtime.

However, our partnership isn’t just limited to pumps.

Atlantic Pumps was founded in Sheffield which has been twinned with the German city of Bochum since 1950. Bochum is home to SL Pumping Solutions and both cities have a rich history of coal mining, steel and heavy industry. The perfect partnership!

“I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to work with Thomas and Olaf!” said Atlantic Pumps Sales Director Nathan Rowles.

“We had huge growth in 2020 with other distributors and look forward to growing further as SL Pumping Solutions takes on the German Market. When we work with distributors, we believe the most important thing is that they understand and believe in our culture and way of doing business. All the best to Thomas and Olaf!”

Everyone at Atlantic Pumps would like to take this opportunity to welcome SL Pumping Solutions to our network of distributors. We very much look forward to working with Thomas, Olaf and their team in 2021 and beyond!

To find out more about SL Pumping Solutions, visit them at or call +49 234 957 95-27 / 28. Access the German SlurryPro page at


German SlurryPro Brochure

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