range of products to protect the pumps and yourself

Atlantic Pumps was founded on the principle that we would respond rapidly to our customers’ needs, and find sensible solutions that make your life easier.

Since Covid-19 exploded onto the scene, our lives have been turned upside down. Many in industry are now considering how we can participate in the essential re-starting of the economy, but in a way that protects the health and welfare of our workforce. 

Thankfully, clear guidelines have been published by bodies such as the Construction Leadership Council, clearly showing how work can proceed in a safe fashion. Additionally, innovative companies have responded to these guidelines with remarkable speed, developing products that will assist you in complying. 

reducing submersible pump downtime guide download

Atlantic Pumps are pleased to announce we have pulled together a range of these products, from mobile hand-washing stations to face masks to cleaning products, all available immediately for rapid despatch. 

Click here to see our new Protection Range. 

We would be delighted to discuss any other requirements you may have; we are fully operational and determined to support all our customers to survive these challenging times.